Oral Surgery


Whether you need wisdom tooth removal or an emergency extraction, a certified oral surgeon is necessary for safe and effective removal of your teeth! At North Vernon Family Dental, we provide precise care coupled with long-term experience to make your tooth extraction both comfortable and successful. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our experienced oral surgeon
has performed countless extractions
and provides exceptional post-op care.

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  • CareCredit accepted for uninsured patients or emergencies
  • Indiana Medicaid and Healthy Indiana Plan accepted
  • Very insurance friendly

  • Gentle care for pulling a tooth
  • Special attention taken to prevent dry sockets
  • Exceptional follow-up and post-op care

  • Same day emergency care. Call us immediately!
  • Private treatment rooms and patient amenities
  • Sedation options to keep you completely comfortable

Tooth Extractions in North Vernon

If you need a tooth extraction, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on our ongoing continuing education, long-term experience, and mastery in dentistry. Tooth extractions fall under oral surgery, and our oral surgeon has assisted many patients with routine tooth extractions, impacted wisdom tooth removal, and patients who require multiple extractions.

Women at the dentist office looking at x-ray

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are removed when they start growing in or preventively to stop crowding, misaligned bites, impaction, cysts, or even gum disease. We take X-rays to see how your teeth are coming in and discuss a personalized plan for your wisdom teeth removal.

  • Emergency appointments available
  • Experienced oral surgeon
  • Accommodations for special needs
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